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Dean Byford is a Kent wedding photographer, I photograph weddings throughout Kent, Medway, Essex and Sussex. You can also find me at my other photography web site at Wedding Photographer Kent. Dean Byford Photography – A Kent based wedding photographer that specialises in wedding photography. My style of photography can be described as documentary, photo journalistic, some small aspects of traditional combined with a hint of fashion and romance. But no matter what label you apply it is still story telling with images.


Dear Dean,Aggie & Franky

We are so so happy with our Wedding pictures. Your professionalism and dedication comes out in every one of the pictures and it is well balanced with your passion and positive energy.  We love your ideas for the original pictures now featured in our album.

You have played such an important part in our Wedding by helping us to beautifully capture all the important moments.  You have an amazing talent and we are forever grateful to you for helping us preserving these beautiful memories.

I highly recommend you to friends and family and looking forward to seeing more of your incredible work!

Kind Regards,    PWW_certified_logo-copy-300x276 BestBridesLogo-2-1024x394

Aggie &  Franky

We are a husband and wife team and choose to specialise in wedding photography in and around Kent and South east England, we capture the natural moments as they unravel with an attentive and creative perspective and we really love what we do.

We capture your wedding as it unfolds looking for the best and least obvious angles, in order to offer a range of images that cover your preparation, ceremony, bride & groom, reception, table shots, photos of rings, speeches, cake cutting, first dance and beyond.

To be honest I like the idea of photojournalism in wedding photography but I feel that the bride and groom misses out on some lovely photo opportunities and the all-important together shots and the shots of other important people at the wedding. This is why I use a modified approach using my own creative style.

We use a range of photography styles and skills to get those all-important images, merging some parts of the traditional photography but without those static poses which seem so unreal. Those gently posed looks and those romantic images so that you can remember those moments and share them with friends and family and to show your beautiful images with pride. I use all of my skills acquired from experience from other wedding photography and bringing in experience with working with models on location and in and out of studios thus trying to bring you beautiful images that you will be proud of.

You are the most important person and it’s your wedding day, we will talk to you about your requirements and listen to what you have to say and incorporate this as part of your package. You will know in advance exactly what you are getting so no need for any stress and worry as we want you to be happy with our service. We will tailor to your own needs, If you would like that unobtrusive approach and would like us in the background then we can use that approach or my own approach is to try and get closer so that I can get those all important photos and to be seen but unintuitive rather than from a long distance away where photo images can easily be missed.

Pre-Wedding or engagement shoots

We offer a Pre-wedding shoot or an engagement shoot which can be added onto the wedding package at a small cost. I’ve decided to separate my prices to keep the prices down as some brides might not want a photographer around whist they are getting ready for their big wedding day. Other brides do want us to record the special moments with their closest friends and to have images of the wedding dress, shoes, and having hair and make-up and maybe some Campaign being sipped prior to the wedding. The price for this is currently discounted to £80 or is free on our top package.

Engagement Photos

Engagement portrait photo-shoots will be carried out some time before the wedding day possibly one or two weeks in advance of the wedding. It gives us all an opportunity to get to know each other prior to the hectic wedding and to have some fun time without the stresses and worries. We take some beautiful images of those all-important together moments. You can use a local location such as a park, beautiful nearby building or by the beach to take some really great images which will be treasured forever. There are some fantastic venues and locations around Kent for great Engagement photos.

What’s Included

All prices quoted include 7-8 hours photography dependent on the choice of package, Pre-wedding consultation. A minimum of 600 edited high resolution copyright free images on DVD or now on USB, also Password protected on-line client gallery. Photo books available on request and why not add a bridal prep or engagement photo-shoot at a special low price. So if you’re looking for wedding photography in Kent then look no further than Wedding Photographer Kent.

During your wedding you will have 2 photographers not an assistant, but two wedding photographers working as a team to focus on your wedding to get maximum opportunities for as many photos as possible. I work together with my wife as a great team,  we both know how important your wedding day is and will do our very best to provide you with a stress free photography experience. One photographer cannot be in two locations at once, so this enables us to be taking photos of the bride and groom in two different areas of the venue at the same time, giving you extra photos that would normally be missed with only one photographer.

We will also focus on centre pieces of your wedding and the all-important detail shots such as you’re Bouquet, Cake, rings, dress, shoes and any other decorations  that you have gone to the trouble to have part of you’re special day. We will take close-ups, zoomed images and also Wide angle shots to capture the essence of the whole wedding. If your looking for wedding photographers in Kent with that extra touch and prepared to go that extra mile then contact us.

Here are some wedding venues ,some of which  we have had the pleasure to photograph in and around Kent

Cooling Castle Barn | Manor Gate House Dartford | Manor House Sidcup | Archbishops Palace Maidstone | Leeds Castle , Brandshatch Place Hotel & Spa,| Rowhill Grange Hotel & Utopia Spa|, The Spa Hotel, Chilston Park Hotel, Port Lympne Wild Animal Park and Mansion, Hayne Barn House, Hempstead House, Little Silver Country Hotel, Sundridge Park, The Ferry House Inn, The Weald of Kent, Tudor Park, a Marriott Hotel & Country Club, Boys Hall Manor, Thistle Brands Hatch Hotel, St. Augustine’s Priory, Elvey Farm, Bromley Court Hotel, |Cooling Castle Maidstone Kent|Turkey Mill Maidstone Kent|Hall Place & Gardens Bexley KentAcacia Hall Dartford|,| Birchwood Park,

We have some really great venues around Kent, such as Cooling Castle Barn, Tudor Park a Marriott Hotel & Country Club, Chilston Park Hotel, Leeds Castle, The Spa Hotel, Brandshatch Place Hotel & Spa, Port Lympne Wild Animal Park and Mansion, Rowhill Grange Hotel & Utopia Spa, Little Silver Country Hotel, The Weald Of Kent, Hempstead House, The London Golf Club, Sundridge Park, The Ferry House Inn, Lympne Castle, Ashford International Hotel, Darenth Valley Golf Course, Combe Bank School, Birchwood Park Golf Centre, St. Augustine’s Priory, The Hop Farm, The Secret Garden, Hayne Barn House, The Tuns at Staple House, Thistle Brands Hatch Hotel, and many more Kent venues.

So if you looking for Wedding Photographers in Kent, then contact Dean Byford Photography today. We offer you a great friendly service, we are extremely approachable and happy to make your wedding day a stress free experience.

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